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  Cocote - Trailer
A rapturous crime fable set in the Dominican Republic, Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Ariasí Cocote follows Alberto, a kind-hearted gardener returning home to attend his fatherís funeral. When he discovers that a powerful local figure is responsible for his fatherís death, Alberto realizes that heís been summoned by his family to avenge the murder. Itís an unthinkable act ó especially for him, an Evangelical Christian. But as pressure mounts, he sees few ways out. Questions of faith, tradition and honor course through this electrifying film, which, seemingly at the speed of thought itself, jumps between film formats, colors, and aspect ratios, radically envisioning a community torn asunder by senseless violence.
Directed by: Nelson Carlo De Los Santos Arias
Starring: Vicente Santos, Judith Rodriguez, Yuberbi de la Rosa

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